Is It Really Worth Switching Energy Supplier For Your Home?

The reality is the news makes things look a lot bleaker than they are. Yes, prices have gone up for most of the old suppliers but there constantly new suppliers coming out with fantastic prices for home energy. Switching a domestic supply probably won’t save you £1000 a year but to some people, that extra £15 a month can make a difference.

Even if you don’t need to save £20 a month, why give it away to your energy supplier when you could switch via me in 5 minutes?

Do It Yourself

My favorite domestic supplier, a new, green energy supplier, has to be Bulb Energy. They only supply energy to homes and don’t currently support pre-payment meters but they are fantastic. Read my article here on Bulb Energy. Bulb Energy are ridiculously cheap and they also give away £50 credit to all my customers if you sign up via my link.

Click the link below to compare energy suppliers yourself via uSwitch.


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Grab a bill within the last 12 months and give me a call. Your bill will have everything we need to be able to get your quotations. Please make sure you have both pages of your bill, usually, they are double sided so as long as you have the front page you should have the second page likewise.

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Get hold of a recent bill and find the supplier, tariff end date and estimated annual consumption. Once you email that over to me, I’ll have prices for you within the hour. If possible, if you can email me over your current prices as well which will help me in negotiating with suppliers.

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If you would like me to give you a call back at a time more suited to you, please leave your details. Please have with you one of your latest bills, that will have all the information needed to get you prices.

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