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HAMED ADEFUWA is my company name, I decided to name it after myself because I wanted it to fully represent me. I run my energy consultancy from a small office in a three-bedroom house in Yorkshire. Since May 2016, I’ve continuously shown my customers that working with me will get them cheaper prices. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of time they save. My clients are all within the SME & Large Business sectors across a broad range of industries. The direct agreements I have with multiple suppliers and brokers, allows me to have a unique collection of energy prices and contracts.


I haven’t always been in Energy. I originally started out as a Marketer, primarily fundraising for charities like Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and The British Red Cross. After being recognised by multiple leading Businessman for my performance and awards, the opportunity to open a Marketing Company came to me and it was a success. We consistently generated over £20,000 a week for various charities. After near five years in Marketing, I wanted a change and began searching for a career in Energy. In 2014, I started working as a Sales Rep for an Energy Supplier. I received excellent training and I built some fantastic relationships, which still to this day I use for support. I then worked for two brokerage firms where I really learnt my craft and went from a great Salesman to a well-rounded Energy Consultant.


Having previously been the Director of a Marketing Company, I have an edge over the competition. This allows me to run a unique business. I’m well aware of what it’s like to try and focus on the day to day runnings of a business while constantly being pulled away by admin, insurance, tax, energy, supplies, broadband, phone lines etc. This is why I’ve taken the approach of keeping things simple and keeping the workload of my clients to an absolute minimum.

My work involves gathering information from my client’s current supplier, assessing what the client wants from a potential new supplier and then putting that meter out to market for tender. I pride myself on putting clients meters out to all the suppliers I work with. Many companies have favourite suppliers that pay them more, this is not how I work. I’m always ridiculously honest and I have no qualms advising people with that which doesn’t financially benefit myself.


My next step of my career is to move from being a well-rounded Energy Consultant to an Energy Expert. I hope to create a business where I can focus on helping people to use less energy and/or produce their own renewable energy. Without a doubt, globally we are moving to a more sustainable future but the UK is lagging behind. I hope that I can help us as Country create an environment where we produce cheap/free energy sustainably.

Thank you for reading this and I’d appreciate any advice you may have. Also, if interested in renewable energy, send me a quick email.

Hamed Adefuwa

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