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How I Gather Prices From Energy Companies

With the aim to make things as simple and quick for you, I do ask all my clients to submit a Letter of authority. Here’s how I work;

Contract End Date

Knowing what date your contract ends is essential to getting the correct prices. Ofgem recommends if you are within six months of your contract end date, you should shop around. Many suppliers now allow customers to renew one year before.

Request Prices

Once receiving all your meter information, I’ll pass this information onto my Suppliers and Brokers. They will then each individually price the meter with their cheapest prices. I’ll then email the cheapest 2 suppliers along with your current suppliers rates.

Process Application

Once we’ve agreed the contract with the Supplier, we will then have a few days for the Supplier to accept the contract. During this period the Supplier will credit check the Company. Thereafter the Supplier will apply for the meter 28 days before the CED. During this time the current Supplier can object to the transfer. Having a LOA will help me deal with any objections quickly to avoid Out of Contract prices.

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I have to say I am very satisfied with Hamed service, he can put ourselves in the sake of customers, it is rare. Thank you and we will keep going. Jing McCarthy

Jing Mccarthy

The Copy and Print Company

Hamed is a pleasure to deal with, he does the complete opposite of most energy brokers and is helpful, professional and pro-active. He takes the chore out of finding the right supplier by giving honest, useful advice. He has saved me hours searching for the right provider(s) and money by switching me to the right tariffs. Highly recommend.

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As a very small business operator, I have found Hamed’s service for my energy requirements second to none. You get honest, quality and prompt advise.

*About Me

Who I Am

Hamed Adefuwa

Small Business Energy Consultant
I've been doing energy now since 2014 and it's been fantastic! Born in 1992, from London originally, now I enjoy the good life up in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I spend most of my time, consuming information on renewable energy, energy management, and gas & electricity pricing. Knowledge is key and I strive to use mine to help my clients not only find the cheapest prices available but also go with the supplier/package/contract that will most give them peace of mind.

I love the ability we now have to make a difference on this Earth. The Energy industry is changing - fast. The opportunity to change the way we live on our planet excites me and I look forward to the day we as consumers are all generating our own renewable electricity.

Until then, I will continue working with Small Business Owners and Decision Makers to find the cheapest electric & gas tariffs on the market.

My first goal? Get you the cheapest rates. My second? For you to do the least amount of work possible and focus on your business!

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