Bulb Energy – My Domestic Supplier of the Year

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With 2017 ending,  energy price caps looming, Brexit producing enough news for 10 years and winter bills rising – I figured I’d offer a little distraction. I hate to recommend a supplier I haven’t used or dealt with before so rest assured, I’ve been with Bulb Energy for near to 6 months and it’s been great.

Green energy and cheap unit rates, could you ask for anymore?

If you’re looking to save some money on your domestic (home) bills then I couldn’t recommend Bulb Energy enough. They will gladly boast to you that they are the number 1 energy supplier on Trust Pilot.

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The two founders, Hayden & Amit, made a big effort to simplify things for their customers and bring energy back to basics. They simply offer one tariff. It’s a variable tariff and a very cheap one at that. No exit fees. Infact they’ll pay your early exit fees for you if you switch to them.

I could go on but I’m sure you’re sold already but finally..

They offer both myself and yourself £50 credit when you join with them.

Please use this link below;


Domestic Energy Supply Deals

Domestic Energy Supply Deals

If you are interested in getting a good price on your home energy. I don’t personally do it however I have arranged some pretty decent deals below. Just click any or all of the links below.

First Utility


Home Energy Help (Infographic)

Home Energy Help

It is not always the easiest of jobs to get your employees interested in saving energy for your business. Particularly, if they do not see any personal benefit in it themselves. Here below is a great tip for a way to encourage your staff members to save energy, both at home and in the workplace. The idea is to make saving energy a habit they get into at home as well as at work.

Download it here; Home Energy Help

Home Energy Help