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Frequently Asked Questions

I will always be as transparent as I can be without jeopardising my relationships with the people I work with and likewise my suppliers. Please see below all my frequently asked questions. These are based on what some of my clients ask me and anything else I think you may want to know.

No, there is no charge for working with me. I get paid from the supplier for introducing you to them.

Brokers & consultants get paid in two different ways. I’m paid by adding what’s called an “uplift” to the unit rate that is charged to the customer. An example being; if I find the customer a price at 13.5 pence per kWh then I add 0.6 pence to that unit rate; totalling to 14.1 pence per kWh. Which is equal to 4.2% commission on all the kWh’s the customer uses throughout the year. On a bill of £1000 over the year, that’s £42 commission for me. Basically the customer is paying me £3.50 a month for 12 months. Nothing fancy right?

Answers Coming Soon