What Qualifies For SME Energy
Whether you own a small cafe, a large chrome plating business or working in the accounts team at a company with 100 locations - you're generally a Small to Medium Business (SME.) Generally if your meters are using under 100,000 kwhs annually, you'll be considered a SME. Likewise if your business turnover is less than 2 million euro a year then you're a SME.
What Qualifies For Domestic Energy
We all know what a domestic property is. To energy suppliers, a domestic property is that property which more than 50% of the energy usage is used for non-commercial use. To clarify, the kettle in your kitchen doesn't count as commercial use. Your LED desk lamp and lights in the home office do count as commercial.
What Qualifies For Corporate
Corporate energy is dependant upon the size of your meter. From April 2017, Maximum Demand meters have been upgraded to Half-Hourly meters. These meters are quite high maintenance, recording a meter reading ever 30 minutes. If you had a Maximum Demand meter or you currently have a Half-Hourly meter, then you are Corporate. Some suppliers also include any meters using 100,000+ kWh's a year.
What’s Required For Prices?
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Current Supplier, Estimated Annual Usage & Current Prices
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Post Code, House Size/Energy Usage & If Gas Is Used
Corporate Quotes
Current Supplier & Signed Letter of Authority or Half Hourly Metering Data
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Benefits Of Different Contracts
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5% VAT Included in Rates
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12-48 Month Fixed & Variable Tariffs
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Variable Contracts
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Frequently Asked Questions

The best type of contract is the one that you qualify for to be honest. If you’re a domestic customer and wanting a SME contract, it may not always be cheaper. SME energy prices fluctuate throughout the year so you can take advantage of them but if you find your contract finishing at an expensive time you may find yourself in a pickle. If you have a business and are on a corporate deal, it’s advised you keep that likewise.

My commissions varies based on the type of contract, SME, Water, Corporate or Domestic. Below are my averages for you;

SME Contracts: £50-500

Domestic: £8

Corporate: £400-800

Water: £100

No, never. I disagree in people being contracted to myself or any other broker. It’s very disingenuous. If I’m good at my job you should want to work with me without being forced to do so by a piece of paper. When working with me you will only ever be contracted to the energy supplier.

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