July Prices Update

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Prices Update as of 7th of July

Prices generally change on a month to month basis unless something major happens in the world of currency or oil. The month of July has seen the average prices of electricity going up and the average prices of gas going down.

In previous months, March – June, we saw prices fall but now that looks set to be back up on the rise.

I’ll update this with percentages once all the suppliers release their prices.

If you need anymore info just get hold of me on me@hamedadefuwa.co.uk

Energy Suppliers Updated So Far

Corona Energy 1.7% electricity decrease & 2.7% gas decrease.

British Gas – electricity increase & gas decrease (% unknown).

EON – 2% electricity increase & 0.5% gas increase.

Scottish Power – 1.43% electricity increase & 3.25% gas increase.

Crown Gas – 3.2% electricity & gas increase.

Gazprom – 1% electricity & gas increase.

Total Gas & Power – 0.08% electricity & gas increase.

Dual Energy – electricity & gas increase – no %’s released.

Npower – no increase/decrease information released, just indicated prices have changed.

Suppliers Contact Numbers & Emails

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We all need to contact suppliers at some point, whether it’s to ask a general question, make a complaint, solve a problem or just to shop around for prices. I will do my best to update these as and when I noticed changes or errors, although the smaller suppliers I’ll probably notice less often. If you notice and discrepancies leave a comment below and I’ll get it updated straight away. Thanks & enjoy!


For Business enquiries Mon-Fri 8.30am- 5.30pm – 0845 166 3360

Please note Npower charge for this line as it’s an 0845 number.

British Gas

Business MetersMon-Fri 8.00am-6.00pm, Sat 9.00am-1.00pm – 0800 107 3457


Business MetersMon-Fri 8.30am–5.00pm – 0345 725 2526


For Business enquiries 8am-6pm Monday to Friday0333 202 4586


For large Corporate metersMonday to Thursday from 8.30am – 5pm and Friday 8.30am – 4pm – 02476 42 42 42

Choosing A Meter Operator

KFC in Darlington

Appointing a Meter Operator (MOP) should be the first thing you do after agreeing a half hourly contract. If you’re unsure as to whether you have a half-hourly meter you can email me and I’ll find out for you.

You need to have a MOP in place, which would look after the meters maintenance and sending all the usage data over to your current supplier.

I’ve compiled a list of some MOP’s, I’d advise you to have a shop around, call them and ask for a quote and say you’re just shopping around. Sometimes the difference in price between two MOP’s can be over £2000. You shop around for your electricity and gas unit rates, stressing over £200 difference between two suppliers, so please do the same for your MOP.


Phone: 02476 187390
Email: HHMeteringContracts@eonenergy.com


Dave Siggers – CVA Metering / Half Hourly SVA
Phone: 020 8298 8174
Email: Dave.siggers@edfenergy.com

IMServ Europe

Commercial Matters – For all new commercial enquiries regarding electricity, gas, water and energy management
Phone: 01908 257709
Email: sales.support@imserv.com

Morrison Data Services (formerly G4S)

General Enquires
Phone: 0191 201 3500
Website: www.g4s.uk.com

Domestic Energy Supply Deals

Domestic Energy Supply Deals

If you are interested in getting a good price on your home energy. I don’t personally do it however I have arranged some pretty decent deals below. Just click any or all of the links below.

First Utility